The Taskforce in Support of Immigrant Families


The Taskforce in Support of Immigrant Families advocates for social justice for immigrant families. The group meets to educate others on current events and immigration policies. Taskforce members are actively supporting immigrants in several ways.  

Some of the members are Guardian Angels who accompany immigrant minors to immigration court. Some members are pen pals with immigrants held in detention centers and other members attend vigils in support of immigrant justice.  

All Saints Lutheran Church, ELCA is now a "Welcoming Church," which supports immigrants in our community.  We are doing this by developing a resource guide to local services.  

August 2019 Update



What can you do to help these families?
Be informed; contact your representative or senator voicing your concerns about current immigration policies and the reunification of all the separated families. You can also donate money to support these families.  Here are helpful websites as well as contact information for your national government representatives.  

The following are websites for background and current information as well as ways to donate to support the reunification of families with clothing, housing, food and transportation:

The following are websites for background and current information for donating to assist the separated immigration families in court. Those who have legal representation fare much better in court than those who do not.  Many probono lawyers are offering their services, but costs still occur.

LINKS to US Representatives/Senators in Washington DC:
(Jason Lewis represents Cottage Grove and Betty McCollum represents Woodbury)