Care & Ceremonies


Prayer Request

Our staff and Prayer Chain of fellow members take requests into their hearts and prayers with respect and goodwill to the peace and wellbeing of those facing major change, suffering, tension, celebration, or the intensity of regular everyday life. You may write a paper prayer request in the sanctuary, or send it online through this form to Joan Axdal, who leads the Prayer Chain.


Baptism Planning

Baptism is a holy ceremony where people are brought to a font of water in a public gathering to recognize God’s claim upon their lives, and a lifelong journey of the Spirit sending them out in mission for the sake of the world. People enter into Christian community through baptism at various ages and stages in life, and in Lutheran churches this faith journey often begins during childhood.


Funeral Planning

If you are a family member or friend looking to help plan an upcoming service, please click the button below.


Wedding Planning

If you are interested in having your wedding ceremony and/or reception at All Saints, please contact Pastor Jules or Pastor Tanner to begin the process of planning your wedding!