Our History

All Saints Lutheran Church, ELCA was founded in 1966, born of the merger between Park Lutheran and Resurrection churches. We have continued bringing community together, helping organize what would become the Friends in Need Foodshelf and Stone Soup Thriftshop, which now operate as independent nonprofit organizations. We gather in weekly worship, classes, and volunteering opportunities to serve with joy within and beyond the church.

Our Mission

Meeting people where they’re at and connecting them to the full life of Christ

Our values

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1. Fulfillment: God creates us all for the full life of Christ; souls, minds, and bodies are fed.
2. Service: Living the full life of Christ by generously sharing our time, talents, and resources; we give it our all.
3. Acceptance: In the full life of Christ, you are worthy and loved for free; all are welcome!
4. Integrity: Nurturing honesty and authenticity in all relationships reveals the full life of Christ; they will know us by our love.

Our Vision

The Spirit of God is flourishing here at All Saints. Our membership is growing. Our staff is delighted to be a part of the ministry of Jesus Christ in Cottage Grove and South Washington County. Our leadership is integrating our strategic plan and staying on target for each one of the ministry teams.

Come worship with us!