2015 Photo Directory

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Be a part of our new family picture directory! Photography takes place at our church beginning January 2.

Everyone who participates will receive a free 8 x 10 portrait and a directory.

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Known Inside Out; Psalm 139:1-18, John 1:43-51

  All the baptized have a calling in God’s world. God calls not just the clergy but also the youngest child. The story of calling Nathanael plays with the idea of place. Nathanael initially dismisses Jesus because he comes from Nazareth. But where we come from isn’t important; it’s where—or rather whom—we come to. Jesus…

He_Qi_The Three Kings

Home by Another Way; Matthew 2:1-12, Isaiah 60:1-6

  Epiphany means “manifestation.” On this day we celebrate the revelation of Christ to the Gentiles—that is, to all nations. Some Christian traditions celebrate three great epiphanies on this day: the magi’s adoration of the Christ child, Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, and his first miracle in which he changes water into wine. The…

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