The Taskforce in Support of Immigrant Families


Remember the Immigrant Children

Hundreds of migrant families separated at the U.S./Mexico border as a result of the current administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy this spring continue to remain separated following the July 26th court-ordered reunification deadline.

Administration numbers provided by and most recently updated indicated the following. 

·        2,654 children were separated from their families

·        2,157 of these children have been reunited or released

·        497 still-separated children remain in U.S. custody

·        22 of these children are under 5 years old

·        Parents of 322 children under custody have been deported, including parents of six kids age 5 and under

·        Additionally, 167 children are still under U.S. custody because their parents indicated a desire against reunification or waived reunification rights.  (According to the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU], many parents did so under duress and did not understand what they were signing.)

Do not forget these immigrant children and families.  Remember them in your prayers.

What can you do to help these families? Click here for some resources.