Ready for a summer filled with service and excitement, doing good works and praising God with new friends in the Twin Cities metro area? Here is your opportunity to do just that. For students who have completed 5th-12th grade, we welcome you to sign up and invite your friends to Summer Servants, which marks three days of service culminating in the fourth day at Valleyfair. We will be cleaning and preparing homes for families escaping violence, gardening, spending time with our elders, and more! 

 We will have morning and afternoon locations throughout the metro area, but our “homebase” church for pick-up and drop-off will be consistent throughout the program – determined by which church has the most students in attendance. Luther Memorial, Amazing Grace, and St. Luke will be participating, so hopefully we can skew things toward Cottage Grove! Participants will be updated once the planning committee reaches a decision.

The cost will be $55 per participant, or $40 for those who opt-out of Valleyfair. Participants will pack their own lunches, and we will provide coolers. Checks can be written to All Saints Lutheran Church, and any payment can be delivered to Maddy personally or to the inbox outside her office. Please contact Maddy if you have any questions!

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Emergency Contact Phone
Cost is $55, or $40 if not attending Valleyfair. Payment can be given to Maddy personally, or the inbox outside her church office.
By checking this box, I give my permission for my student to participate in the Summer Servants activities, including group transportation, as well as cleaning, gardening, and other labors of service. In the event of a medical emergency or other urgent event, I understand that the adult leaders will try to reach the emergency contact if possible, and hereby give the leaders permission to use their best judgment about health and safety decisions for my student, including medical care if necessary.