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Discover – Theme Events

The goal of the Theme Event is to enthusiastically pack upbeat music, engaging presentations, quality Christian thought, and meaningful small group sharing into an experience that grows their Spirit of Curiosity* about faith.


Nurture – Service Events

Servant Events turn youth ministry into youth doing ministry. People learn by doing and grow by showing. Jesus could have only talked about being a servant. Instead, he showed his disciples how to serve by serving. For youth to be the hands and feet of Jesus, they need to use their hands and feet to serve in Jesus’ name. Youth will experience the blessings for all when we Live Life Generously*.


Connect – Fellowship Events

Fellowship Events are the glue that bonds youth into their small group. We’ve seen it happen time after time. Groups that start out with little connection become fast friends after having a little fun and some shared stories together. As relationships and trust are built, youth can Demonstrate Unconditional Acceptance* through sharing grace, forgiveness, and compassion.

*ASLC Measures

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